Data Pricing Wizard
Online Data Pricing and Ordering
  • The wizard supports fx-spot, fx-fwd, fx-imp-vol, ir-deposit and equity-index data.

  • The system allows you to price, select format options and create a pdf order form.

  • The order form must then be printed at your end,
    signed and faxed to: +41 44 342 3561 to establish the order.

  • The system operates in loops. Each loop consists of pricing one or more
    instruments with a common date range and common frequency, field and format settings.

  • At the end of each loop the data may be optionally added to the
    shopping cart or you can start another loop or proceed to Create Form.

  • On clicking Create Form - you will be presented with a web form to fill in your
    institutional or personal information - which will be assimilated into the order form.

  • If you claim to be an academic institutions a 25% discount will be applied.
    OFT reserves the right to reject the discount if it deems the institution to be non-academic.

  • Naturally every effort is made to establish correct pricing. However, the pricing established
    by the system is subject to final acceptance by OFT before the faxed order is accepted.

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