Data Pricing Wizard

  • This system allows you to price your data request (after applying
    discounts), select format options and then at your discretion proceed
    to create a pdf order form. A real order is established only when we
    receive a signed form by email or fax. So feel free to use the system
    without any fear of accidently establishing an online order in error.

  • The system applies progessive volume discounts of 10% on each
    remaining part of your initial total exceeding €1000, €2000, €4000, €8000 ...   
    and so on. The calculation is reported in detail on the cost summary page.

  • Licensee details are required only in the final step.
    If you select credit card payment you may choose to omit
    credit card information
    when creating the order form and
    add this information manually in ink only after printing the form.

  • A real order is established only when the form is printed at your
    end, signed by the principal contact (and card holder if different
    from principal contact) and then sent by email to OR faxed to +41 44 342 3566.

  • The system operates in loops wherein each loop corresponds to
    one or more instruments with a common month range, frequency
    and format setting. Each loop adds a page to the order form
    (or more than one page if the instrument list is long).

  • At the end of each loop you are presented with your total after
    all volume discounts. At this point you may proceed to add more
    data by starting a new loop or proceed to Create Form.

  • On clicking Create Form - you will be presented with a web form
    to fill in your institutional or personal information - which will be
    then assimilated into the order form.

  • If licensee registers as an educational institutions a 25% discount
    will be applied first (before applying volume discounts). OFT
    reserves the right to reject the educational discount if the licensee
    institution is deemed by OFT to be not an educational institution.

  • Tick by tick data (not Regular Interval Data) attracts an annual
    license renewal fee which has reacently been reduced from 5% to 1%
    of the undiscounted total. See:

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